DreamLuxe Lash Services

Lash Aftercare Instructions

Do not get them wet for 48hrs.

No showers, steams, excessive sweating, crying, swimming, eye drops, etc. It takes 48hrs for the adhesive to fully cure. Moisture will cause them to get clumpy and weak. After 48hrs you can do all those things!

Keep them clean and dry.

Using a nonoi1y foaming cleanser, gently work back and forth with your finger or a clean, soft brush. Rinse thoroughly and comb lashes into place. Fan dry or use a blow dryer on cool and low air to fluff dry.

Avoid oil based makeup and skincare.

The adhesives used are broken down by oil but our skin needs oil to stay plump and hydrated. So what do you do? Avoid getting oily products on your lash extensions or it will weaken the bond.

No more mascara or eyelash curlers

Mascara formulas and the pressures from eyelashes curlers can break down the adhesive bond causing extensions to shed prematurely and possibly damage your natural lashes.

Do not pick at, play with, or vigorously rub!

You will ruin the extensions and your natural lashes! If they are bothering you, have a professional remove them. If they are grown out, get them filled but do not pick at them to get them off. Nobody wants damaged eyelashes.