DreamLuxe Body Waxing Services

Body Waxing Precautions & Care

Exfoliation is IMPORTANT!

Before Waxing: For best results. exfoliate prior to waxing Book waxing appointments four weeks apart. If you have just shaved, you should schedule your wax appointment in three weeks.

24-48 hours after waxing: Avoid sun exposure. Don't use any products that exfoliate the skin. Avoid creams or lotions with fragrances or that are irritating. Avoid hot baths, tubs, and saunas. Avoid liquid (non mineral)) make-up.

After 24-48 Hours of Being Waxed: To prevent ingrown hairs, you should exfoliate daily. The best way to do this is with exfoliation gloves and a body wash, preferably one containing glycolic to help open up the pores to allow the hair to grow freely.

Waxing may not be right for you if any of the following apply* Leg waxing: Varicose veins, phlebitis, or diabetic. Face waxing: Recent chemical peels, recent microdermabr asion, recent cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, recent injectables (Botox, or other dermal fillers), sunburn, rosacea, history of fever blisters or cold sores, presence of pustules or pa pules on area to be waxed, use of vit A (retin-A etc), hydroquinone, topical or oral cortisone medication, Accutane or other acne meds, blood thinning meds. *Consult with your doctor to see if waxing if right for you.