In your head, waxing probably just sounds torturous. Ripping, screaming, and of course, that infamous scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin all come to mind.

But here's the thing: if you're determined to remove your hair, it's gotta come off somehow. And it's not simple to get the razor to hit the right spot on your back or to avoid an itchy, irritated chest. The only way to stave off those two painful areas is a good, old fashioned wax.

No, it doesn't hurt that bad. Calm down

Go into your wax with a positive or, at the very least, a realistic attitude. It's not going to be nearly as painful as it looks or sounds. It's particularly helpful if you've done your research beforehand and the salon environment is relaxing.

Next time, it'll be even easier

Once you wax the first time, your skin becomes used to the feeling. If you keep going, your skin will only continue to become increasingly acclimated to the practice. In fact, the exfoliating processes actually make your skin smoother and softer, which is always a plus.

With each session, you'll likely be more and more prepared physically and mentally. Look at it as a self-care practice and not an annoying chore or an obligatory ritual.

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