Waxing has classically been seen as something that only women do, but more recently men have been taking up waxing as well. Some do it for aesthetic reasons, others to impress a significant other and some men even do it for athletic reasons. For men interested in getting their back waxed, here’s some things you should know.

Why Waxing

When considering your back, waxing is easier on you and lasts much longer than shaving. If you’re shaving, as with nearly anything, you can miss spots. Also waxing lasts around four weeks for most people, meaning less time you’re spending on tedious tasks.

What to Expect

When you’re first starting the waxing routine, pain is just a fact that you can’t escape, but the more that you wax, the easier and less painful it becomes over time.

When it comes to what will happen in a particular session, your specialist will do their best to prep the area for waxing by cleansing so that the wax has the best grip on the hair. Wax will then be applied in the direction of the growth, and then the wax is removed. The session usually ends with some moisturizer to give your skin the best, soft feeling afterwards.

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