What is a Brazilian wax, exactly?

There's a bikini wax, where hair on the sides and top area along the bikini line are removed, and then there's a Brazilian, which leaves your entire pubic area bare. A Brazilian wax removes all the hair from your bikini area (top, sides, and front), and those hard-to-reach areas in the back. Simply put: everything goes. You can opt to leave a "landing strip" or a triangle, choice is up to you.

Does it hurt?

Any procedure that requires removing the hair out of follicles is going to be an unpleasant experience. The good news is, when you start waxing consistently, what we're doing is training the hairs to come out at the same time so they can grow in at the same time. The first time hurts the worst, especially if you've been shaving, but once your hair structure starts changing because of waxing, it becomes so much easier and less painful.

How can you prep for a Brazilian wax?

Pop an ibuprofen before your arrival, to not feel every rip! Wear loose-fitting clothes. Also, bringing a new pair of underwear is better than re-wearing the one you've been wearing all day. Also, don't shave! We recommend you stop shaving at least two weeks prior to your wax appointments. When you're shaving, the hair is cut down to different levels, which makes it harder for the wax to grip.

Can you wax on your period?

While your skin may be super sensitive during this time, you can absolutely wax on your period. As long as you're wearing a tampon in because there is more blood flow to that area of your body, the skin will be extremely sensitive, as everything is during your menstrual cycle.

How long does a wax last?

It takes about three to four weeks for your hair to start growing back (this can be longer or shorter, depending on the person). We also suggest allowing your hair to grow as least as long as the length of a rice grain before scheduling an appointment.

How do you care for your freshly-shaven skin afterwards?

It is important to use a sugar or salt scrub to exfoliate your skin every other day. This helps keep the dead skin off the surface or it will get trapped into the hair follicles and block the hair from growing. This is how ingrown hairs are created. Although we do suggest avoiding this type of exfoliation, as well as any sweaty activities, sun exposure, public pools, sex, and hot water for 24-48 hours after your wax services. It is also recommended to avoid shaving even once after getting a wax. It's like starting all over again.

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